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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive EMD GP50 #5081 Photo Leading 'Falcon' Premier Freight Train Bellwood Illinois 1986WRP Collection1 201642
CNW [CGW] Locomotive EMD F7 #212 in Blue Paint Scheme Photo Leading EMD FB Units St Paul Minnesota 1970'sWRP Collection2 2016Front Cover
CNW Locomotive BLW VO1000 #1037 Photo Madison Illinois 1980WRP Collection2 201635
CGW Locomotive EMD F7A #155 Leading Passenger Train St Paul Minnesota 1964WRP Collection2 201640 - 41
CGW Locomotive EMD F3A #108-A Photo Leading Six-Unit Consist St Paul Minnesota 1967WRP Collection2 201646 - 47
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40 #887 Photo Leading Freight Train Chester Minnesota 1983WRP Collection3 201651
Map of Kenosha Depicting Railroads Interurbans and Industries No DateWRP & Bob Baker1 20106 - 7
CNW Depot Becomes Residence Lake City Iowa No DateWorld Herald newspaper Omaha NebraskaJuly 19755
UPY Locomotive Consist Roster of CNW Locomotives February March April 2005 Three for the Ages ArticleWoody Davis / Kevin EuDaly / Dana Grefe / Eric Zelbney4 200526 - 27
CNW Passenger Ticket Grand Rapids to Wautoma Wisconsin 1916Wood County Historical SocietySummer 199363
The Winter of 1880-1881Wm. H. Stennett4 200731-34
CNW Locomotive 4-6-2 Pacific #579 Photo Chicago Illinois 1956Wm. F. Armstrong photo / Eugene M. Lewis collection4 200725
Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern RR [Iowa Central] Ry Depot Trackside Elevation View + South Side Elevation View + West End Elevation View + East End Elevation View + Plan View + South Elevation View + Detail View Drawing Zearing Iowa No DateWm. F. Armstrong designer 1948Winter 1994Insert Between 39 & 40
CStPM&O Depot Photo Superior Wisconsin 1903Wm Gara Sr. collectionFall 200022
CNW Locomotive EMD GP30 #815 Photo Bain Wisconsin 1989Wm Eley photo/ Kevin EuDaly collection2 200717

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