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CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #1620 As Built [Unstreamlined] Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1925Western History Department photo - Denver Public LibrarySpring 199219
CNW Drovers' Way Car Caboose #10808 Photo Chadron Nebraska 1956Western History Department Denver Public LibrarySpring 199586
CNWHS 2017 Annual Meet Model Winning Photos Union IllinoisWesley Fane Photos3 201719
CNW Freight House Photo South Oshkosh Wisconsin 1930'sWes Foshey photo / CNWHS collectionSummer 200143
CNW Depot Photo Antigo Wisconsin 1950Wes Foshay photoJuly 197913
CStPM&O Locomotive Class M-2 2-6-0 Mogul Photo @ Turntable Rice's Point Minnesota 1955Wayne Olsen photoWinter 200133
CStPM&O Locomotive 2-8-0 Consolidation #218 Photo Duluth Minnesota 1955Wayne Olsen photoWinter 200136
View of Duluth Minnesota Waterfront 1956Wayne Olsen photoWinter 200138
CNW Locomotive 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #236 Photo Commerce Pier Duluth Minnesota 1956Wayne Olsen photoWinter 200151
CStPM&O Caboose Way Car #8179 Photo Commerce Pier Duluth Minnesota 2956Wayne Olsen photoWinter 200151
CStPM&O Depot Photo Nettleton Street Station Superior Wisconsin pre-1957Wayne Olsen collectionWinter 200122
CStPM&O Locomotive 4-6-2 Pacific #506 Photo w/ Passenger Train @ Depot Superior Wisconsin 1956Wayne Olsen collectionWinter 200123
CStPM&O Locomotive EMD GP7 <9?>#1521 Superior Wisconsin No DateWayne Olsen collectionWinter 200125
CStPM&O Locomotive 2-8-0 Consolidation #218 Photo St Louis River Bridge Superior Wisconsin 1956Wayne Olsen collectionWinter 200150
CStPM&O Pile Driver #198705 Photo Commerce Slip Duluth Minnesota 1955Wayne Olsen collectionWinter 200151

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