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CNW Passenger Equipment Sold During the Period: 1962-1964 July 197625
CNW / Pullman Coach Vestibule End Photo No Location 1941?Arthur D. Durbin photoJuly 1976Front Cover
CStPM&O Boxcar #X250714 Photo Green Bay 1971 Addendum & HistoryM. P. McMahonJuly 19761
CNW Public Stock Sale @ $4.50 per Share 1976Don DrumJuly 19761
CNW Will Not Retire ex- UPY EMD E9B #501 thru #506 1976Dennis Hertrich / Michael BlaszakJuly 19762
CNW [ex- Canadian Pacific Ry] Locomotive EMD GP7 #4527 [#137] Mason City Iowa 1976Ron Sims photoJuly 19762
CNW / UPY Wind 4-Year Mail Contract 1976Michael M. Bartels / Max MarmonJuly 19763
Santa Fe RR Assumes Control of Superior Nebraska Depot 01 May 1976Michael M. BartelsJuly 19763
CNW South Omaha Terminal Ceases Operations 1976Mixed Train Daily July 19763
CNW Operations Altoona to Rice Lake Wisconsin 1976Brian SykesJuly 19763
CNW to Install 5 Miles of 100 lb/yd Welded Rail on the New Richmond Subdivision 1976Brian SykesJuly 19763
CNW to Install 18 Miles of 100 lb/yd Welded Rail on the Itasca Subdivision 1976Brian SykesJuly 19763
St Paul Port Authority Acquires Minnesota Transfer Ry 45-Acre Yards for $2.3 Millino 1976Al MillerJuly 19763
CNW Moves Perishable Freight Fremont Nebraska to Chicago 1976North Western NewsJuly 19763
CNW / CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Begin Joint Iron Ore Train Movement Iron Mountain Michigan to Granite City Illinois 1976Michael W. Blaszak / Bob Stein / Max MarmonJuly 19763

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