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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Boxcar #878 Photo Green Bay Wisconsin 1964Ed Selinsky photoApril 197624
CNW Boxcar #1600 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1971Jim Haskell photoApril 197624
CNW Roster of Boxcars July 1973Raymond M. JorgensenApril 197625
CNW New Employee Training Activities 1990The North Western DispatchFall 19768
CNW Captures Kraft Cheese Movements Green Bay Wisconsin to Champagne Illinois w/ Special Tarriff 1979Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 197627
CNW Locomotive EMD GP18 #1776 Photo In Bi-Centennial Colors Butler Wisconsin 1976Ron Albers photoJanuary 1976Inside Front Cover
South Dakota School of Business Study Emphasizes CNW's Abandonments in South Dakota 1976University of south Dakota - School of Business - Business Research BureauJanuary 19761
CNW Diner #6935 Information 1976Charles OstJanuary 19761
CNW New Motive Power Pool to Begin Operations December 195Max MarmonJanuary 197628
CNW Acquires 25 New Locomotives EMD MP15-1 1976Max MarmonJanuary 19762
CNW Announces 5-year Program to Rebuild & Rehabilitate Locomotive Fleet 1976Max MarmonJanuary 19762
CNW Removes GE U30-C & EMD F7B Units from Active Status Due to Sharply Reduced Grain Movement Revenues 1976Max MarmonJanuary 19762
CNW Moves Deadlined Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives to Chicago from Northern Wisconsin1976Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 19762
CNW Plans to Retire EMD E8B/A & E9B/A Commuter Locomotives w/ Crandall Cabs in Next Three Years 1976Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 19762
CNW Motive Power Assignments on Trains Between Chicago and Milwaukee 1976Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 19762

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