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Article Author Issue Page(s)
UPY Sheboygan - Sheboygan Falls Line Activities 2005 2 200511
UPY Service Problems 1998Michael W. BlaszakWinter 19986 - 7
UPY Sells Rapid City & Crawford Branch Lines to DM&E RR 25April1996North Western NewsSummer 199615
UPY Sells 15 Miles of Right of Way @ Fitchburg Wisconsin 1999Fred HydeWinter 199913
UPY Seeks to Abandoned Chicago Low Line Chicago 2002Edward R. SirovySummer 20029
UPY Seeks to Abandon Skokie Subdivision Skokie Illinois 2002J. L. EvensonSummer 20029 - 10
UPY Seeks to Abandon Skokie Subdivision Skokie Illinois 2002J. L. EvensonSummer 20029 - 11
UPY Seeks Abandonment of Trackage Des Moines Iowa 2002No CItationWinter 200240
UPY Route Map Throughout Iowa Map 2007Richard Steffen1 201150
UPY Renumbering of CNW Locomotives 2000Michael W. BlaszakSpring 200010
UPY Removes Rail from Abandon Royal to Laurens Iowa Branch Line 1999T. H. Bean / the Brass SwitchkeyFall 199920
UPY Removes Diesel Fueling Facility at West Chicago Yard 1999Michael W. BartelsWinter 199912
UPY Removes Connection and Rails of former Sheboygan & Fond du Lac RR 2000Kkyle BlindauerSpring 200012 - 13
UPY Removes Capital Drive Industrial Spur Milwaukee Wisconsin 1997Michael M. BartelsSummer 199712 - 13
UPY Refurbishing ex- CNW Jewell SubDivision in Iowa 2014Dennis Holmes / North Western News3 20148

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