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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Plans to Retire EMD E8B/A & E9B/A Commuter Locomotives w/ Crandall Cabs in Next Three Years 1976Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 19762
CNW Motive Power Assignments on Trains Between Chicago and Milwaukee 1976Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 19762
CNW Green Bay Equipment Report 1976Oak MullenJanuary 19762 - 20
CNW Files to abandon 85.0 Miles of Heron Lake to Pipestone Minnesota Right of Way 1976Alden MillerJanuary 197620
CNW Denied Permission to Abandon 6.5 Mile-long Irvington to Bennington Nebraska Right of Way 1976ICC Initial Decision - AB-1 - Sub. No. 10January 197620
CNW Authorized to Abandon 7.3 Mile-long Emerson to Thurston Nebraska Right of Way 1976Michael M. BartelsJanuary 197620
CNW Authorized to Abandon 49.2 Mile-long Crofton Nebraska Branch Line 1976Michael M. BartelsJanuary 197620
CNW Required to Maintain In Operating Condition the Projected Abandonment of the Crofton Branch Line in Nebraska 1976Michael M. BartelsJanuary 197620
CNW Files to Abandon 40.6 Mile-long Dakota City to Wayne Iowa Right of Way 1976Michael M. BartelsJanuary 197620
CNW Trackage West of Clyman Junction Wisconsin in Poor Condition 1976Glenn Oestreich photoJanuary 197620
CNW Withdraws From Negotiations w/ Regional Transit Authority [RTA] as Latter Favors Chicago Transit Authority [CTA] for Commuter Traffic 1976Chicago Tribune Newspaper January 197620
CNW West Point [Nebraska] Meat Train Makes Final Run August 1975Michael M. BartelsJanuary 197620
CNW Locomotive EMD GP18 #1776 Photo In Bi-Centennial Colors Merrillan Wisconsin 1975Bob Gile photoJanuary 19762
CNW Power Pools & Shops Max Marmon - Max Marmon on the MoveJanuary 19763 & Inside Back Cover
NETCO Locomotive Fleet Changes 1974 - 1976Karl RasmussenJanuary 1976Inside Rear Cover

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