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Article Author Issue Page(s)
UPY Locomotive Consist Roster of CNW Locomotives February March April 2005 Three for the Ages ArticleWoody Davis / Kevin EuDaly / Dana Grefe / Eric Zelbney4 200526 - 27
UPY Locomotive 4-8-4 Northern #844 to Visit Chicago 1996North Western NewsSummer 199616
UPY Locomotive 4-8-4 Northern #844 Photo Elmhurst Illinois 1996?George E. King photoFall 199615
UPY Locomotive #3938: Seeing DoubleGeorge F. KingFall 200210
UPY Locomotive #1233 Photo Randolph Minnesota 2003Bud Bulgrin photo2 200817
UPY Letters 240 New Bethgon Cars to CNW Reporting Marks 2003Tom Peterson / Jerry KrugWinter 20047
UPY Leases CNW Depot @ Carroll Iowa to Carroll County Historic Preservation Commission for $1.00 1996Michael M. BartelsWinter 199620
UPY Increase Traffic Capacity Clinton to Beverly Iowa 2006L. W. Andressen3 200610
UPY Harriman Dispatching Center Building Photo 2015David Nelson photo3 201512
UPY Global Terminal Opens August 2003Mike GitlinFall 20034
UPY Global III Intermodal Yard Photo Rochelle Illinois 2003UPY photo1 200642 - 43
UPY Files Petition for Exemption to Abandon Hayward Junction to Trego Wisconsin Right of Way 1998Galen Fromm / Dave InglesWinter 199811
UPY Files Notice of Intent to Assume Control of CNW RR 1992Michael M. Bartels / Jim Seacrest / David J. FioreFall 19927
UPY Files Notice of Exemption for Abandonment of CGW Bristow Line Oelwein to Clarion IowaNorthWestern LimitedFall 199811
UPY Ends Enterchange Service with WC Ltd and WSOR Waukesha Wisconsin 1998Galen Fromm / Dave InglesWinter 199811

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