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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
UPY President Ron Burns Speaks @ Traffic Club of Chicago 1996Michael W. BlaszakSpring 19969
UPY Preliminarily Agrees to Sell 203 Miles of Former CNW Right of Way Crawford Nebraska to Rapid City South Dakota to Colony Wyoming 1996Rick Mills / Wayne KlingSpring 19969 & 11
UPY Potable Water Bulk Container Trailer Photo Des Moines Iowa 1993Dana Grefe PhotoFall 199316
UPY Plans Cutback of Proviso Illinois Yard UsageC&NW HappeningsFall 199511
UPY Places Indianola Industrial Lead Carlisle Iowa on Soon to Be Abandoned List 1997Michael M. BartelsSummer 199713
UPY Petitions to Abandon Eau Claire Industrial Lead Eau Claire Wisconsin 2002Dave MickelsonSummer 200211
UPY Passenger Car Drumhead Display Photo 2015Steve Jessup photo3 201511
UPY Olympic Torch Relay Train Consist 1996North Western NewsSummer 199616
UPY Offers CNW EMD GP40 Units for Sale 2000John Howell / Joel Kirchman / Crain HorchemSpring 200011
UPY Maintains No Definite Plans to Acquire C&NW 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199318
UPY Looks to Acquire Elgin Joliet & Eastern RR 1996Bill Christopher / Steve Smedley / Tim JohnsonSpring 19969
UPY Locomotives Retaining CNW Color Scheme 1999 SpringJoel Kirchman / Paul WacekSpring 19998
UPY Locomotives Retaining CNW Color Scheme 1999Erich BussFall 199919
UPY Locomotives Remaining CNW Paint Scheme 03November2003Chris Spannagle1 20037 -10
UPY Locomotive GE D90MAC #9139 Photo Edgewater Power Plant Sheboygan Wisconsin 1998?Michael W. Blaszak photoWinter 199955

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