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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Building the Josephine : Model Construction Article for 1867 CNW Directors' CarRailroad Model Craftsman magazine December 1974Winter 19751
Burlington Northern / Northern Pacific Grassy Point Bridge Photo West Duluth Minnesota Superior Wisconsin 1995Robert C. Anderson Photo3 200728
Burlington Northern RR Borrows CNW GE C40-8 Locomotives for Tests 1992C&NW HappeningsFall 19929
Burlington Northern RR Granted Trackage Rights over CNW Right of Way Between Casper and Orin Junction Wyoming 1989Michael W. BlaszakSpring 198913
Bus Service - an extension of railway service banner 1927The Railway Age periodical4 201426
Business District Buildings Photo Brentford South Dakota No DatePostcard from Robert Kolbe Dakota collectionSpring 199452
Business District Buildings Photo Cresbard South Dakota No DateBell photo / Robert Kolbe Dakota collectionSpring 199453
Busy Main Street Crossing Photo Mankato Minnesota 1977Eric Hirsimaki photoFall 199649
Butler Yard InformationPeter Sloss / Jim YankeSpring 19893
Butter Tubs being Loaded on CNW RR Refrigerator Cars Photo Newman's Grove Nebraska No DateCaryl Olson collection4 201153
C&NW Holdings Corporation Commences Offering of Common Stock @ $20.50 per Share 1992C&NW Happenings / P. J. GratzSummer 199210 - 11
C&NW #279 - A Long Way From HomeRaymond M. JorgensenSpring 199421
C&NW & CGW Bulkhead Flat Cars at MergertimeJoe PiersenFall 199715 - 24
C&NW & CStPM&O Express BoxcarsClem DevineFall 198118 - 23
C&NW - CStPM&O 34-Ft Wood Sheathed BoxcarsJoe FollmarSpring 198210 - 13

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