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CNW Depot View from the South Photo South Oshkosh Wisconsin 1935A. W. Johnson photo / Larry Easton collection2 201256
CNW Locomotives Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #'s 1641 1642 1640 Photo During Break-in Operations 1921A. W. Johnson photo / Robert A. Janz collectionSummer 198943
CNW Locomotive Dunkirk Class J-4 2-8-4 Berkshire #2811 Photo Proviso Illinois 1929A. W. Johnson photo / Robert A. Janz collectionJanuary 198138
CNW Motor Car #9926 Front View Photo Rapid City South Dakota 1953A. W. Johnson photo / Robert Janz collectionSpring 200150
CNW Locomotive #2225 Front View Photo St Charles Illinois 1935A. W. Johnson photo / W. F. Armstrong collection / CNWHS Archives4 200840
CNW Water Tower Photo Highland Park Illinois early 1900'sA. W. Johnson photo/ Kalmbach collection3 200961
CNW Locomotive Class D 4-4-2 Atlantic #1086 w/ Snow Plow Photo Washburn Wisconsin 1936A. W. Simms photo / Ray Buhrmaster collection / CNWHS collection4 200744
CNW Ralston Purina 50-Foot Boxcar Data 2005Aaron Barkl / Joe Piersen3 200510
CGW Caboose #225 Photo 1910AC&F Photo / Don Vaughn collectionSpring 199835
CNW RPO Car #8139 Photo 1921ACF Builder Photo / Arthur D. Dubin collectionWinter 199119
CNW RPO Car #8147 Builder Photo 1925ACF Builder Photo / Arthur D. Dubin collectionWinter 199119
CNW Baggage Car #8647 Photo No Location No DateACF Builder's photo / Stephen A. Wydeck collection1 20117
CNW Deval Tower Des Plaines Illinois InformationAdam H. Kerman / Mark Loewe2 20077
CNW Passenger Train Westbound Photo Adams Wisconsin 1935Adams County Historical Society2 201253
CNW Locomotive Class JA 2-8-2 Mikado #???? @ Coaling Tower Photo Adams Wisconsin 1913Adams County Historical Society collection2 201250

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