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Article Author Issue Page(s)
DM&E Locomotive EMD SD-7 #6615 Photo Rochester Minnesota 1990Wm Eley photo / Kevin EuDaly collection1 200720
CNW Locomotive EMD GP35 #831 + #832 Photo Bain Wisconsin 1989Wm Eley photo / Kevin EuDaly collection2 200717
CNW Depot Photo Highland Park Illinois 1962Wm Armstrong photo3 200935
CNW Water Tower Photo Highland Park Illinois 1960Wm Armstrong photo3 200945
CNW Depot Detail Photo Highland Park Illinois 1930's?Wm Armstrong Photo3 200960
CStPM&O Shop Employees Photo North Hudson Wisconsin 1904Wisconsin Historical Society [Whi[X3]51035Summer 199773
CStPM&O Boxcar #37100 Photo North Hudson Wisconsin 1941Wisconsin Historical Society [whi[X3]50841Summer 199752
West Wisconsin RR Officials Employees & Dog Photo North Hudson Wisconsin 1877Wisconsin Historical Society [whi[X3]46450Summer 199734
CStPM&O Depot Photo Hudson Wisconsin Post-WWIWisconsin Historical Society [whi[X3]46449Summer 199753
West Wisconsin RR Officials in Photo w/ Locomotive & Freight House Hudson Wisconsin 1872Wisconsin Historical Society [whi[X3]34954Summer 199732
West Wisconsin RR Passenger Train Photo Crossing Black River @ Black River Falls Wisconsin 1880Wisconsin Historical Society whi[X3]7893Summer 199529
CStPM&O Locomotive Class F-7 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #273 Photo @ Water Tank Omaha Nebraska 1922Wisconsin Historical Society collectionSpring 199639
CStPM&O Locomotive Class E-8 4-4-0 American Standard #163 Photo Elkhorn Junction Nebraska 1922Wisconsin Historical Society collectionSpring 199640
CNW Locomotive 4-4-0 American Standard #??? Photo @ Turntable Roundhouse & Water Tank Baraboo Wisconsin 1871Wisconsin Historical Society #WHi[3x]18782Winter 199521
CNW Lounge Coach 900 Class Interior View No Location No DateWisconsin Historical SocietyWinter 198522

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