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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW - Related Magazine Article Index 1943 - 1974VariousJanuary 1974
Scale Plans Index for Modelling CNW Rolling Stock 1949 - 1971VariousJanuary 1974
Scale Plans Index for Modelling CNW Locomotives 1951 - 1970VariousJanuary 19745
Scale Plans Index for Modelling CNW Structures 1954 - 1971VariousJanuary 19745
CNW Passenger Car Plans & NotesMike HanleyJuly 197413
Riding the MountaineerJim ScribbinsJuly 1974p.4
CNW Model Heavyweight Passenger Car Kits in HO Scale by WalthersMike HawleyJuly 197415
CNW Places 26 Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 Locomotives in Storage 1975Max MarmonJuly 197412
CNW Way Car Transfer Caboose #10802 Photo No Location No DateRobert A. Janz photoJuly 1974Front Cover
CNW / Lehigh Valley RR Way Car Caboose Series #10800 - #10809 Incl Specification Chart No DateCNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJuly 1974Inside Front Cover
CNW Passenger Car 'Rose Bowl' Data 1974Paul McDonaldJuly 19741 - 2
CNW Long-distance Bi-level Passenger Car Data 1974Jim ScribbinsJuly 19742
CNW Locomotives Display New Paint Scheme 1974John SargentJuly 19743
CNW Operations Merrillan Wisconsin 1974Robert GileJuly 19743
CNW Operations Ashland Division 1974Joe Holman / Fred SteffenJuly 19743

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