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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Ex- CNW Commuters from Lake Geneva Wisconsin Establish Bus Route to Connect That City w/ Richmond Illinois & the Northern Terminus of CNW Commuter Trains 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
RTA to Initiate Capital Improvement Projects Worth $ 14.4 Million [Estimate] 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
Regional Transit Authority Proposes to Acquire CNW Commuter Equipment 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
CNW EMD F-Units Make Reappearance on CNW Right of Ways 1976David McDonald / Ron Sims / Don MenschingApril 19762
CNW Locomotive Retirements by the Numbers 1976Max MarmonApril 19762
CNW Moves Deadlined Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives to Green Bay 1976Max MarmonApril 19762
CNW to Retire EMD F-Units w/ Greatest Number of Defects 1976Max MarmonApril 19762
CNW Announces Upgrades for Specific Sections of Right of Way in South Dakota 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
CNW Authorized to Abandon 16.2 Miles of West Bancroft to Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Right of Way 1976Joe HolmanApril 19763
CNW Marshland Subdivision Shows Revenue Increase from Christmas Tree Movement 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19763
CNW Files to Abandon 22.4 Miles of Lyons to Teakamah Nebraska Right of Way 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19763
Great Plains Ry Authorized to Abandon ex- CNW [to December 1972] Seward to Superior Nebraska Right of Way 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19763
CStPM&O Authorized to Abandon Fairchild to Mondovi Wisconsin Right of Way 1976Milwaukee Journal newspaperApril 19763
CNW to Abandon Urban Trackage in Iron Mountain Michigan 1976C&NW HappeningsApril 19763
CNW Permitted to Remove Local Agents in Northwestern Wisconsin on a Trial Basis 1976C&NW HappeningsApril 19763

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