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Article Author Issue Page(s)
The CNW Upper Michigan Peninsula Division Tie PlantW. L. Bacon Railway System Magazine October 1924Winter 199972
EMD F2 vs F3 Designation InformationW. Kostelny / Paul SwansonWinter 19956
CNW Railroad Tie Processing Operation Photos No DateW. I. Bacon photos / Northwestern Railway System Magazine - 1924Winter 199972
Minnesota Western Locomotive Facilities Gluek [ Wesota ] Minnesota 1927 - 1928W. H. Krumpelman photo / Vern Wigfield collectionFall 199947
Minneapolis Northfield and Southern Inspection Car #A-2 Underside View Photo Corvuso Minnesota 1928W. H. Krumpelman photo / Vern Wigfield collectionFall 199947
Minnesota Western Locomotive 2-8-0 Consolidation #201 Photo No Location no DateW. H. Krumpelman photo / Vern Wigfield collectionFall 199949
Minnesota Westeren Locomotive F-M H-10-44 #51 Photo Winsted Minnesota No DateW. H. Krumpelman photo / Vern Wigfield collectionFall 199951
CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #1570 Photo w/ Train #601 @ Train Shed Milwaukee Wisconsin 1938W. Feret collectionWinter 198835
Winona & St Peter RR Locomotive Smith & Jackson 4-4-0 American Standard #3 Photo Stockton Hill Iowa 1964W. E. Tenney photo / Minnesota Historical SocietyWinter 199624
Cross Sectional Views of Various Rail Deformities w/ Effects of Re-rollingW. E. McKenna - CMStP&P RyFall 199479
CNW Depot Modernization Photo Ames Iowa 1951?W. E. Armstrong / Railway Engineering & Maintenance periodicalSummer 199946 - 47
CNW / CStPM&O [ex- Pullman] Roster Heavyweight Standard Sleeping Cars 1948W. Dubin collectionOctober 197712
Central Iowa RR Roster of Late BLW Locomotives Including M&STL OrdersW. D. Edson from Summer 199046
CGW Locomotive 0-6-0 Switcher #487 Photo East Minneapolis Yard 1948W. C. Whittaker photo1 201324
CGW Locomotive 2-10-2 Santa Fe #800 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1947W. C. Whittaker photo1 201324

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