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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Unit Coal Train Photo Passing St Paul Union Station 1986Fred Hyde Photo1 201624
CNW Locomotive SD18 #6630 Photo Leading Freight Train Western Avenue Yard St Paul Minnesota 1996Terry Davis Photo1 201624
CNW Locomotive EMD F3A #250 Leading 4 Unit Lash-up and Freight Train at Westminster Hill Minnesota 1976George LaPray Photo1 201625
CNW Locomotive [ex-M&STL] ALCO RS-1 #229 Photo Crossing Overpass w/ Freight Train Minneapolis Minnesota 1963A. Robert Johnson Photo1 201625
CNW Locomotive EMD F3A #208 Photo at Sand Tower East Minneapolis Minnesota 1977Steve Glischinski Photo1 201626
CNW Locomotive EMD NW2 #1003 Photo w/ Booster & Freight Train East Minneapolis Minnesota 1981WRP Collection1 201627
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40 #889 Photo Leading Freight Train Kenwood Yard Minnesota 1981Alan Christenson photo1 201627
Rough Spot Near Knapp Derails North Western's Premier TrainArlyn Colby1 201628 - 37
Photo of Wreckage of CNW '400' Passenger Cars between Wilson and Knapp Wisconsin 1959Carlton DeWitt Photo / Glenwood City 1 201628
CNW Passenger Train '400' Derailment Maps [2] 30July1959WRP Collection1 201629
CNW Passenger Train '400' Derailment Aerial Photo between Knapp and Wilson Wisconsin 1959Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Newspaper Photo1 201630
CNW Engineering Track Chart depicting Track Profile Knapp to Wilson Wisconsin 1987Arlyn Colby Collectlion1 201630
Passengers Disembarkng from CNW Passenger Train '400' Photo Derailed between Knapp and Wilson Wisconsin 30July1959Arlyn Colby Collectlion1 201631
CNW TimeTable - Westward - Altoona District [Elroy to St Paul] 1959CNW Document / Steve Borleske Collection1 201632
CNW TimeTable - Eastward - Altoona District [St Paul to Elroy] 1959CNW Document / Steve Borleske Collection1 201633

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