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Article Author Issue Page(s)
UPY Agrees to Sell the Cottage Grove Wisconsin Spur to the WSOR North Western NewsSummer 199615
UPY Activities Spring 2015North Western News2 20155 - 7
UPY Activities Kenosha Subdivision 2008Chris Keating / Charles Heaver / North Western Newsletter2 20081 - 2
UPY Acquires ex- CNW Passenger Depot Clinton Iowa 2017Jerry Krug3 20179
UPY Abandons Trackage at Bell Street Yard Des Moines Iowa 2002Mike Endres / Dick WilsonSummer 20029
UPY Abandons Perry Branch and Yale Spur Herndon Yale Iowa 1999Donald VaughanWinter 199913
UPY Abandonments of CNW CGW & M&StL Rights of Way 1999 - 2000VariousFall 200014 - 15
UPY Abandonments of CNW & M&StL Rights of Way 1999Fred Hyde / Don VaughnWinter 199913
UPY Abandonment of CNW Trackage near Carlisle Iowa 1998Bob SchmidtSummer 199814
UPY / ex- CNW Service - Related Interruptions 1997Dave KroegerSpring 199712 - 13
UPY / CNW Woodward Iowa Branch Line Embargoed 2002Mark DIgernessSummer 20027
UPY / CNW Swing Bridge Raplacement Oshkosh WisconsinKIm Kafura4 201215
UPY / CNW Locomotives Retaining CNW Paint Scheme and Numbers 2000Joel G. KirchnerSummer 20009
UPY / CNW Locomotive GE C40-8 #8533 Photo Leading One Car Train Boone Iowa 1996Dana Grefe PhotoSummer 199613
UPY / CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6822 Photo Oelwein Iowa 187Paul Swanson photoSpring 19953

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