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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Passenger Car Data Chart & NotesAl VanderpoehlSummer 198547
CNW Chase Street Roundhouse Explosion 1959 / 1960 Additional Information 1996Al VanderpoehlSummer 19968
CNW "Last Steam" Operations Report 1956 - 1957Al VanderpoehlSummer 19946
CNW Unique Locomotive EMD F7A #4100C Paint Scheme No DateAl VanderpoehlFall 19946
CGW Alco RS-2 Locomotive Paint SchemeAl Vanderpoehl / Daniel Sweeney Jr.Summer 198547
Existing C&NW Facilities & Structures Update to June 1997 Al VanderpoelSummer 199714 - 15
Existing C&NW Facilities including Predecessor Lines to 1996Al VanderpoelSummer 199626 - 34
CNW Equipment on Display at Various Museums 1987Al VanderpoelSummer 198730
CNW Equipment on Display at Various Museums 1988Al VanderpoelWinter 198845
CNW Depot Number InformationAl VanderpoelWinter 19994
CNW Use of Station Numbers 01Al VanderpoelWinter 19995
Shortline Railroading from the Cab CD/Video ReviewAl VanderpoelWinter 19998
Remembering the Cowboy CD/Video ReviewAl VanderpoelWinter 19998
CNW Right of Way Winner south Dakota to Wood South Dakota DetailsAl VanderpoelFall 19997
CGW Locomotive EMD GP30 Dynamic Brakes InformationAl VanderpoelFall 19986

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