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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Metal Sided Structure Information Hayfield & Clarion IowaAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW Chicago District [ Eastern Division ] Information 1991Al VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW Passenger Train @ World War II InformationAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW 40 Foot Long Boxcar InformationAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW Locomotive EMD FP7 & Dynamic Brake InformationAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
Passenger Car Glass Plate Frosted w/ C&NW Logo InscribedAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW Silk Train InformationAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CNW Wood Cupola Way Car Caboose Paint Scheme 1940 - 1950Al VanderpoelSpring 19918
CNW Merrimac Bridge Construction DetailsAl VanderpoelFall 19897
Aladdin Caboose Lantern InformationAl Vanderpoel / Jerry PitzenFall 19985
CNW Structure Paint Color InformationAl Vanderpoel / Jerry PitzenFall 19985 - 6
CGW Operations Chicago Area 1968 - 1972Al Vanderpoel / John J. WillardSummer 19916
"Shortline Railroading from the Cab" CD Al Vanderpoel reviewerWinter 19998
"Remembering the Cowboy Line" CDAl Vanderpoel reviewerWinter 19998
Prairie Trail CD by Heron Rail VideoAl Vanderpoel reviewerSpring 199811

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