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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Iowa Central RR - Chicago & Alton RR Chicago Baseball Train Excursion Brochure 1911Vaughn R. Ward collectionSummer 199230
M&StL RR University of Minnesota Football Excursion Train Brochure Albert Lea to Minneapolis Minnesota No DateVaughn R. Ward collectionSummer 199231
M&STL RR Football Excursion Train Notre Dame vs University of Minnesota Albert Lea to Minneapolis No DateVaughn R. Ward collectionSummer 199232
Marshalltown Iowa [Maintenance Shop] Years Ago . . .Vaughn R. WardWinter 199488 - 89
Iowa Central RR / Mid-Continent Historical Society and RR Museum Boxcar North Freedom Wisconsin 1976Vaughn R. WardSpring 198643
Ask Me About Numbers One and Two!Vaughn R. WardFall 198347 & 53
M&StL RR Memorial In Developmental Stages Cedar Lake Yard Minneapolis Minnesota 1995Vaughn R. WardFall 199516
M&StL Gas / Diesel Electric Motor Car Route Listing 1930'sVaughn R. WardSpring 199431
M&StL Piggy-Back Tractor Trailer Spellacy Motor Cargo Inc #S-340 Photo Minneapolis Minnesota 1955Vaughan Ward collection2 200732 - 33
C&NW Snapshots in The Twin CitiesVarious Photographers1 201616 - 27
CNWHS Annual Meet Photo Contest Winners 1993Various IndividualsSummer 199333 & 37 - 41
Local Events of the Claybank Minnesota Area 1888 - 1915Various Claybank Area newspapersWinter 199261
CNW-Painted Locomotive Activities 2002VariousWinter 200239
Existing CNW Locomotives on UPY propertyVariousFall 200011
UPY Abandonments of CNW CGW & M&StL Rights of Way 1999 - 2000VariousFall 200014 - 15

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