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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Business Car #401 @ South Kansas and Oklahoma Tourist Railroad 1998Alan PostSummer 199812
Oskaloosa Boyhood Memories : Minneapolis & St Louis RR : M&StL RRAlastair MuirWinter 199037 - 47
Map of Oskaloosa Iowa & Vicinity Depicting Railroads 1990 02Alastair Muir / Jerry DrollWinter 199041
Oskaloosa South Yard Looking North 1900Alastair Muir collectionWinter 199042
M&StL Locomotive EMD SD7 #300 Photo No Location 1961Alastair Muir photoWinter 199047
Map of Oskaloosa Iowa & Vicinity Depicting Railroads 1990 01Alastair MuiraWinter 199045
WSOR to move 2000 Circus TrainAlbert KruegerSpring 200013
Former CStPM&O Spooner to Hayward Right of Way Acquired by City of Spooner 1999Albert KruegerSpring 199911
AMTRAK Celebrate the Century Express Operations 1999Albert KruegerSpring 199912
CNW [Penn Central] Motor Car Budd #430 Front Quarter Engineer's Side Photo 1981Albert Krueger photo / Mark Lynn collectionSpring 200149
Milwaukee Obtains State Grant to Study Feasibility of Rail Commuter Service to the South 1999Albert Krueger/ Ray WeartSpring 199912
1999 Circus Train OperationsAlbert Krueger/ Ray WeartSpring 199912
#524 : CNW Locomotive 4-6-2 Pacific #524 : Summer of 1952]Albert O. LouerSummer 199580 - 81
CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #524 Photo w/ Engineer Ralph Hager & a young Albert O. Louer at the Controls Highland Park Illinois 1952Albert O. Louer photoSummer 199580
CNW in Highland Park Illinois - Photos from YesteryearAlbert O. Louer photosSummer 199582

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