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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGG Map #1025 Covering Five Points Illinois 1910CGW RR Document / CNWHS collection2 201027
CGW Patrick Joyce InformationAndrew Walther Joe Piersen4 200515
CGW [Winona & Western] RR "Riverside" Depot Photo Rochester Minnesota 1900'sOlmsted County Historical Society collectionSpring 199662
CGW #116-A : Surviving FP7 Looks to Ride the Rails AgainJerry Huddleston4 201550
CGW #X-29 Boxcar InformationDonald Vaughn / Al VanderpoelWinter 19885
CGW - CNW Depot Photo St Charles Illinois 1962Jerry Huddleston collection4 200853
CGW - CNW Map of Greater Rochester Minnesota No DateCNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 199663
CGW - CNW Oelwein Shops Interior View Photo 1989Tom Horvath photoFall 199257
CGW - Great Northern Yard View Photo from Robert Street Bridge 1895Jim Rueber collection4 201218
CGW - IHB Interchange Bellewood Illinois 1898J. KneipperFall 197525
CGW - IHB Interchange Bellewood Illinois 1931J. KneipperFall 198724
CGW - IHB Interchange Bellewood Illinois 1986J. KneipperFall 198725
CGW - Illinois Central RR Interchange & Diamond Photo Waverly Iowa 1966Paul Swanson photoFall 198829
CGW / CM&StP [Milwaukee Road] RY TimeTable #38 Mankato to Benning Minnesota 1929CNW Document / Joe Follmar CollectionFall 199662
CGW / CM&StP [Milwaukee Road] RY TimeTable #46 Mankato to Benning Minnesota 1932CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesFall 199663 - 64

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