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Article Author Issue Page(s)
WSOR RR Activities Milwaukee Area Information 2005Mike Yuhas4 200510
WSOR RR Activities Fitchburg ato Oregon Right of Way 2004North Western News1 20059
WSOR RR 25th Anniversary Celebration Madison Wisconsin 2005Brian Connolly / Noah Hofrichter4 200513
WSOR Receives $17 Million to Refurbish Sheboygan to Plymouth Wisconsin Right of Way 2012Rich Peters1 20136 - 7
WSOR Plymouth Wisconsin to Kohler Wisconsin Right of Way Reconstruction Activities 2015Rich Peters / North Western News4 20156
WSOR Operations Madison Plymouth and Sheboygan Falls 2012Rich Peters4 201215
WSOR Operates 1998 Circus TrainDennis Parejko / NorthWestern LimitedFall 199811
WSOR Merrimac Bridge Preservation 2016Jerry Krug1 20169
WSOR Locomotive EMD GP9 #751 Photo Milton Junction Wisconsin 1999Bruce Nelson photoFall 199962
WSOR Locomotive EMD GP7 #2002 Photo Moving Boxcars to Perry Printing Corporation of Madison Wisconsin 1997Paul Swanson photoWinter 19979 & 11
WSOR Locomotive EMD GP38 #3928 Front View Photo Plymouth WIsconsin 2016Greg Mross photo1 20168
WSOR Locomotive EMD GP38 # 3928 & #3804 Photo Leading Freight Train on Newly-Opened Plymouth to Kohler Right of Way 2015Greg Mross Photo1 2016Rear Cover
WSOR Kohler to Plymouth Wisconsin Right of Way Remains in Limbo 2010North Western Newsliner4 20107
WSOR Information of Kohler to Plymouth Wisconsin Line 2011Rich Peters2 201110
WSOR Granted "permanent exclusive operating easement" over Plymouth to Kohler Wisconsin Right of Way Rich Peters / CNW Newsliner3 20095

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