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Article Author Issue Page(s)
South Dakota School of Business Study Emphasizes CNW's Abandonments in South Dakota 1976University of south Dakota - School of Business - Business Research BureauJanuary 19761
Galena & Chicago Union RR TimeTable #62 1858University of Michigan Ann Arbor collectionWinter 199816
CStPM&O Railroad Facilities Aerial Photo Omaha Nebraska 1944Union Pacific Railroad photo / Lou Schmitz collectionSpring 199628
Rapps Station [Council Bluffs] Iowa Panoramic Photo from Western Bank of Missouri River 1872Union Pacific Railroad photoSpring 198728
Omaha Union Station Photo 1900Union Pacific Railroad photoSpring 198734
Omaha Union Station Photo 1931Union Pacific Railroad photoSpring 198734
Steam Shovel Excavating Right of Way Cut for CNW Tunnel City Wisconsin 1910Union Pacific Railroad photo1 201419
CNW Commuter Train Photo Highland Park Depot April 1953Union Pacific Museum collection3 200942
Dakota Central RR Local Freight Train Photo Crossing James River Trestle Huron South Dakota 1880Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199750
Dakota Central RR Locomotive w/ Snowplow Photo Clearing Main Line No Location 1880-1881Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199750
Dakota Central RR Trestle and Howe Truss Bridge Photo James River Huron South Dakota 1890'sUnion Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199750
CNW Depot Photo w/ Deadwood Theatre in Background Deadwood South Dakota 1925Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199766
CNW Depot Photo w/ Locomotive Class R-1 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #1379 Leading Passenger Train Deadwood South Dakota 1920Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199768
CNW Depot Photo Lead South Dakota 1902Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199768
Three Tiers of Railroading Photo Lead South Dakota 1906Union Pacific Museum collectionWinter 199769

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