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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive EMD GP38-2 #4704 Photo Beacon Iowa 2000Allan Hunt photoFall 20009
CNW Train @ Des Moines River Bridge Photo Eddyville Iowa No DateAllan Hunt photoFall 200013
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6814 Photo Leading Train DMPRB @ Mt Vernon Iowa 1996Allan Hunt photoSpring 19969
Current C&NW Operations in the Cedar Rapids AreaAllan O. HuntSpring 199038 - 39
CNW Talking Hotbox Detector locations East Iowa Subdivision 1990Allan O. HuntSpring 199039
CNW Switching Jobs Cedar Rapids Iowa 1990Allan O. Hunt collectionSpring 199039
DM&E RR Completes Welded Rail Installation near M.P ?? to near M.P. 34 2013Allen Agassiz3 20137
CNWHS North Western Lines Gets Computerized 1993Allen C. PieningSummer 19934
CNW Acquires Used Locomotives EMD SD45 From Burlington Northern RR 1984Allen Hunt / Bob SteinFall 19849
CNW Operations on Former CGW Ingalton Subdivision 1983Allen PieningWinter 198328
CNWHS Membership Ranking vs Other RR Historical SocitieisAllen PieningFall 19934
Last Steam Locomotive Departs Iron Mountain Michigan1956Allen Vanderpoel / Rich HankeWinter 20004
Cutaway View of Interior of Typical RPO Mail Service Car DrawingAmerican Association of Railroads - Washington DC4 201419
CGW Caboose Series 301 - 306 & Series 307 - 312 Side View Elevation End View Elevation & Plan View DrawingsAmerican Car & Foundry drawingsWinter 198541
CNW Way Car Caboose #10514 End View Builder's Photo Jeffersonville Indiana 1915American Car & Foundry photoJuly 197715

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