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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive EMD F3A #238 Photo at Service Tracks Cedar Lake Minnesota 1971CNWHS Archives1 201621
CNW [ex-CGW] Locomotive EMD F3A #112C Photo Leading ABBA Lash-up and Freight Train St Anthony Tower 1970WRP Collection1 201622
CNW Locomotive SD18 #6644 & #6643 Photo Leading Freight Train Belt Yard St Paul Minnesota 1968Gary Austin Photo1 201622
CNW Locomotive GE C44-9W #8669 Photo Leading Business Train Minneapolis MInnesota 1995Steve Glischinski Photo1 201623
Precision National Corporation [ex-Southern Railway] Locomotive SD10 #1845 Photo Leading Freight Train St Louis Park Minnesota 1980Alan Christenson photo1 201623
CNW East St Paul Yard Photo w/ Automobile Carrier Cars 1964A. Robert Johnson Photo1 201623
CNW Unit Coal Train Photo Passing St Paul Union Station 1986Fred Hyde Photo1 201624
CNW Locomotive SD18 #6630 Photo Leading Freight Train Western Avenue Yard St Paul Minnesota 1996Terry Davis Photo1 201624
CNW Locomotive EMD F3A #250 Leading 4 Unit Lash-up and Freight Train at Westminster Hill Minnesota 1976George LaPray Photo1 201625
CNW Locomotive [ex-M&STL] ALCO RS-1 #229 Photo Crossing Overpass w/ Freight Train Minneapolis Minnesota 1963A. Robert Johnson Photo1 201625
CNW Locomotive EMD F3A #208 Photo at Sand Tower East Minneapolis Minnesota 1977Steve Glischinski Photo1 201626
CNW Locomotive EMD NW2 #1003 Photo w/ Booster & Freight Train East Minneapolis Minnesota 1981WRP Collection1 201627
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40 #889 Photo Leading Freight Train Kenwood Yard Minnesota 1981Alan Christenson photo1 201627
Rough Spot Near Knapp Derails North Western's Premier TrainArlyn Colby1 201628 - 37
Photo of Wreckage of CNW '400' Passenger Cars between Wilson and Knapp Wisconsin 1959Carlton DeWitt Photo / Glenwood City 1 201628

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