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CNW Locomotive Alco FA-2 #4104 Photo North Green Bay Wisconsin 1959Tom Wilson photoWinter 1995Rear Cover
CNW Locomtotive Alco FA-2 #4104-A Photo Inside Roundhouse North Green Bay Wisconsin 1951Tom Wilson photoSummer 199547
CNW Locomotive FPA #4053-A Photo Antigo Wisconsin 1960Tom Wilson photoSummer 199474
CNW Locomotive EMD E6A #5006A Photo Green Bay Wisconsin 1941Tom Wilson photoFall 199422
CNW Locomotive EMD SW1 #1210 Photo Green Bay Wisconsin 1958Tom Wilson photoFall 199348
CNW Locomotive EMD SW1 #1268 Photo No Location 1954Tom Wilson photoFall 199355
CNW Locomotive EMD SW1 #1269 Photo Milwaukee Wisconsin 1953Tom Wilson photoFall 199356
CNW Locomotive EMD SW1 #1207 [Booster BU-3] Photo Kaukauna Wisconsin No DateTom Wilson photoFall 199363
CNW Locomotive 4-4-0 American Standard #703 Photo Chicago 1890Tom Wilson collection4 200832
CNW Motor Car #9930 Dead Line Photo Chicago 1953Tom Wilson collectionSummer 200037
CNW Locomotive 0-4-0 Switcher #372 Photo Appleton Wisconsin 1890'sTom Wilson collectionWinter 199883
CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #651 Photo w/ 2-8-2 Mikado Tender Williams Bay Wisconsin 1954Tom Wilson collectionFall 198924
CGW DF Boxcar #300 Builder's Photo 1955Tom Wilson collectionFall 198931
CNW Locomotive Schenectady Class E-4 4-6-4 Hudson #4008 Photo Leading "Pacific Limited" Train Cedar Rapids Iowa 1939Tom Wilson collectionSummer 199541
CStPM&O RR Schenectady Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #504 Photo Elroy Wisconsin 1955Tom Wilson collectionSummer 199239

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