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Article Author Issue Page(s)
M&StL 3-Bay Hopper #66663 Photo No Location Late-1950'sTom S. Martorano photoSummer 199324
M&StL Boxcar #2700 Photo w/ Extra Tall "M.StL" Lettering No Location No DateTom S. Martorano photoSummer 199327
M&StL Hopper Car #66663 Photo No Location Late-1950'sTom S. Martorano collection3 200640
CNW RPO Postmarks for Fairchild - Mondovi Wisconsin 1910Tom RobertsFall 200410
CNW Locomotive EMD E8A #5019B + #5024 Photo No Location 1972Tom Post photoSpring 1999Inside Rear Cover
CNW Workforce Photograph Eagle Grove Iowa No DateTom Phillips collectionFall 1997Inside Front Cover
CNW Derailment Photos Near Marion Iowa 1960Tom Phillips collectionFall 199764
UPY Letters 240 New Bethgon Cars to CNW Reporting Marks 2003Tom Peterson / Jerry KrugWinter 20047
CNW Locomotive Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 Information SourceTom Noth / Al VanderpoehlSpring 19886
CNWHS Annual Meet Contest Winners DeKalb Illinois 1992Tom Nixon photosSummer 199222 - 25
CNW Locomotive EMD 30 #809 Photo Chippewa River Bridge Eau Claire Wisconsin No DateTom Nixon photoSummer 20019
The Overland Route [excerpts taken from] Voyageur Press Minneapolis 2008Tom Murray book author & article author2 201544 - 49
CGW Pennsylvania X-29 - Design Pullman-built Boxcar #86884 Photo No Location 1939Tom Martorano photoSummer 199243
CNW Navy Pier Data ChicagoTom Mann / Joe PiersenSpring 200410
F-Units In BelvidereTom LatzigSpring 200252 - 53

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