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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW List of Wayfreights Operating fro West Chicago Yard Summer 1985Tom KrawczkowskiSummer 198549
UPY Re-aligns Former CNW Division Boundaries 1997Tom KrawczkowskiSpring 199713
CNW Transports Radioactive Thorium West Chicago to Utah Disposal Site 1995Tom KrawczkowskiWinter 199516
Metra Renovates ex- CNW Clinton Street Passenger Terminal Chicago 1994Tom KrawczkowskiWinter 199517
METRA Chicago Terminal Renovation Completed August 1995Tom KrawczkowskiFall 199515
CNW's Original EMD GP7 #4323 Scrapped @ Chicago 1994Tom KrawczkowskiSummer 199414
CNW Train @ Wilson Street Article 2014:3 Addendum & ErrataTom Krawczkowski4 20145
CNW Locomotive Class H 4-8-4 Northern #3031 Photo Belle Plaine Iowa 1953Tom Klinger photoFall 199240
CNW Piggy-Back Trailer #3792 Photo No Location No DateTom Houle photo3 20079
CNW Piggy-Back Tractor #249 Photo No Location No DateTom Houle photo3 20079
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #407 Photo w/ Happy Face Marked on Nose Bell 1979Tom Horvath photoFall 199256
CGW - CNW Oelwein Shops Interior View Photo 1989Tom Horvath photoFall 199257
A Historical Sketch of Clinton Iowa : CNW ShopsTom Hemminger / Robert C GuhrSpring 199348 - 79
Robert A. Janz Remembered [1933 - 2014] 2014Tom Hemminger & Ray Jorgensen3 20143 - 4
CNW Locomotive Class E-4 4-6-4 Streamline Hudson Paint SchemeTom HemmingerSpring 19994

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