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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Depot Photo Leavenworth Kansas Photo No DateKevin EuDaly photo4 2008Rear Cover
CGW Depot Photo Lidderdale Iowa Photo 1974Don Vaughn photoFall 199852
CGW Depot Photo Lombard Illinois 1920'sLombard Historical SocietySummer 198934
CGW Depot Photo Manning Iowa 1962Charles Bohl photo3 201457
CGW Depot Photo Marshalltown Iowa 1910Paul Swanson collectionSpring 198512
CGW Depot Photo Marshalltown Iowa 1998Don Vaughn photoFall 199857
CGW Depot Photo Marshalltown Iowa No DateState Historical Society of Iowa collectionFall 199854
CGW Depot Photo Marshalltown Iowa No DateDon Vaughn photoFall 199856
CGW Depot Photo Minneapolis 1892Jim Rueber collection4 201220 - 21
CGW Depot Photo New Hampton Iowa 1980'sMichael W. Blaszak Photo1 201843
CGW Depot Photo Oelwein Iowa No DateWilliam Toepper photo / Don Vaughn collectionFall 199860 - 61
CGW Depot Photo Randolph Minnesota 1914? 1938 ?Jim Rueber Collection2 200814
CGW Depot Photo Readlyn Iowa 1903?W. L. Heitter collectionFall 198833
CGW Depot Photo Red Wing Minnesota No DateDoris Koenig collectlionWinter 199256
CGW Depot Photo Rochester Minnesota 1930'sDon Vaughn collectionSpring 199675

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