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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Depot Photo Rochester Minnesota 1949?Olmsted County Historical Society collectionSpring 199672
CGW Depot Photo Roseport Minnesota 1955?Jerry Huddleston photoFall 1998Rear Cover
CGW Depot Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1964Jim Rueber collection1 201328
CGW Depot Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1964 01A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Depot Photo Summer Iowa pre - 1920State Historical Society of Iowa collectionFall 198832
CGW Depot Photo Sycamore Illinois 1950Don Vaughn photoFall 199853
CGW Depot Photo Villa Park Illinois 1998?CNWHS collectionSummer 199825
CGW Depot Photo w/ Agent Agnes Shafer White Willow Minnesota 1910Phil Revoir Historical collectionWinter 199251
CGW Depot Photo w/ Attending Country Store & Gasolene Pumps Claybank Minnesota 1913?Goodhue County Historical SocietyWinter 199260
CGW Depot Photo w/ CGW Business Car #92 Des Moines Iowa No DateDon Vaughn collection1 200939
CGW Depot Photo w/ Ford Model "T" Hay Creek Minnesota No DatePhil Revoir Historical collectionWinter 199255
CGW Depot Photo w/ Train Order Signal & Elevator Goodhue Minnesota 1916Phil Revoir Historical collectionWinter 199250
CGW Depot Photo w/ Train Order Signal Randolph Minnesota No DateJohn W. Barriger III National Library Collection3 201722
CGW Depot Photo w/ Water Tank & Coaling Facility 1928Charles W. Finch collectlionSpring 198220
CGW Depot Photo Wilkinson Illinois No DateChuck Finch collection1 200647

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