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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW 4-Bay Center Flow Hopper Model by Athearn : 1998Athearn Inc.Summer 199522
CNW Locomotive EMD GP50 #5056 Athearn Photo 2013 [Model] Athern - Horizon Hobby, Inc.2 20137
Mt Olive & Stanton Coal Company Mine #2 Photo Williamson Illinois 1947August M. Riccono photoSpring 198320
Litchfield & Madison RR Locomotive Lima 2-8-2 Mikado #170 Edwardsville Illinois 1948August M. Riccono photoSpring 198338
Litchfield & Madison RR Locomotive Alco RS-3 #301 Photo Edwardsville Illinois Post-1952August M. Riccono photoSpring 198343
St Louis Gateway : Personal Recollections : Litchfield & Madison RRAugust RicconoSpring 198327 -
CNW Chicago Shops Photo Looking Northwest Mid-1930'sAugust Scholz photoFall 1982Front Cover
CNW Chicago Shops Photo Looking North From Keeler Avenue No DateAugust Scholz photoFall 198211
CNW Chicago Shops Photo West End No DateAugust Scholz photoFall 198212
CNW Chicago Shops Employee Photo 1920'sAugust Scholz photoFall 198213
CNW Chicago Shops Planing Mill Photo 1920'sAugust Scholz photoFall 198213
CNW Chicago Stock Metals Stockpile 1920'sAugust Scholz photoFall 198214
CNW Chicago Shops Photo Looking Northeast 1920'sAugust Scholz photoFall 198215
The First Chicago RailroadAugustine WrightWinter 199814 - 15
CNW Locomotive EMD GP-7 #1536 Photo Proviso Illinois 1980Aurthur H. Peterson photo3 201122

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