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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Uses Car Blocking for Sorting Cars for CONRAIL Conway Yard Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Operates 100-car Unit Coal Train to Michigan City Indiana for Northern Indiana Public Service Company 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Initiates Run-Through Service with Grand Trunk Western RR Proviso Illinois Yard 1977Max MarmonOctober 197721
CNW to Acquire 25 Coil Steel Cars September 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Upper Echelon Begin Surprise Visits to CNW Facilities System-Wide 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Illinois Division Switchman Saves Child's Life 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Issues New TimeTable 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Acquires 70 New Auto Rack Cars @ $24,000 @ 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Offers Company Logo-ed Clothing via Payroll Deduction 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
CNW Moves First TOFC Train Through Fremont Nebraska to Chicago 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
Sears Roebuck & Company Contracts w/ CNW to Move COFC Traffic 1977C&NW NewsOctober 197721
Suburban Chicago Counties Should Leave Regional Transit Authority if Service is Inadequate - James Thompson Illinois Governor 1977C&NW HappeningsOctober 197721
CNW Initiates Training of Viet Nam Veterans for Rail-Oriented Jobs 1977C&NW HappeningsOctober 197721
CNW Authorizes Sale for $27.5 Million in Redeemable Preference Shares 1977C&NW HappeningsOctober 197721
CNW Authorized to Abandon 11.0 Miles of Roland to Zearling Iowa Right of Way 1977C&NW HappeningsOctober 197722

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