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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Northland Transportation Company Fageol Motor Company Safety Coach Photo Minneapolis Minnesota 1926Richard Steffen collection1 201533
Interstate Transit Bus Company Schedules / TimeTables1947Richard Steffen collection1 201534 - 35
CNW / Union Pacific Stage Lines Schedule & Advertisement 1939Richard Steffen collection1 201536
Mack Motor Coach Bus Photo Santa Cruz California 1927Richard Steffen collection1 201536
Table: List of Bus Services 1925 - 197Richard Steffen compiler1 201537
Working the "03" & "06" Switch Jobs [National City & East St Louis Illinois]Charles L. Voyles1 201538 - 47
CNW Locomotive BLW VO-660 #1244 Photo East St Louis Illinois? No DateJoe Stauber photo1 201539
Right of Way Plan View Drawing / Station Map East St Louis Junction Railroad 1974Charles L. Voyles collection1 201540 - 41
Territory and Physical Connections of the Litchfield and Madison Railroad 1934Charles L. Voyles collection1 201542
CNW Daily Time Records [East St Louis Junction RR] for Charles L. Voyles 1977 - 1978Charles L. Voyles collection1 201543
East St Louis Junction RR Completed Job Application Form 1919Charles L. Voyles collection1 201544
Pielet Brothers Giant Automobile Shredder Photo National City Stock Yards No DateCharles L. Voyles collection1 201545
Bud Gerstner [CNW MEchanical Department] Photo Madison Illinois 1990'sCharles L. Voyles collection1 201546
Coug Bursham [CNW MEchanical Department] Photo Madison Illinois 1990'sCharles L. Voyles collection1 201546
No. 81 & No. 82 Meet Head-OnJerry Penry1 201548 - 50

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