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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Employee Filling a Tender w/ Water Photo Mason City Iowa mid-1950'sJim Angel collectionSpring 20039
CGW Engineering Study to Relocate CGW Main Line @ Winston Tunnel 1964Jerry HuddlestonSummer 199840 - 59
CGW Enginehouse Photo Randolph Minnesotaa 1944Keith Prelger photo / Jin Rueber collection2 200811
CGW Enginehouse Rochester Minnesota Spring 199654
CGW Enginehouse South Elevation View + Plan View + Door Elevation View + Door Section View + East Elevation View + Longitudinal Section View Drawings Rochester Minnesota 1917CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 199633 - 34
CGW Facilities Aerial Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1941Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil photo2 201514 - 15
CGW Flag Stop Photo Aiken Illinois No DateDon Vaughn photoSummer 199844
CGW Flange Marker InformationCharles VaughnSpring 19892
CGW Flanger #W-1380 Photo Randolph Minnesota 1962Photographer Unknown / Courtesy Joe Piersen / Fred Klinger3 200576
CGW Flanger Sign Dimensional Drawing w/ Details No DateCGW document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 200155
CGW Flanger Sign Photo Taopi Minnesota 1962Walt Dunlap photoSpring 200155
CGW Flat Car #1 Dimension Specification DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200147
CGW Flat Car #1 Dimensional Details and Paint Specification DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200148
CGW Flat Car #1 EMD Conceptual DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200148
CGW Flat Car #1 Specifications SheetEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200147

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