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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Enginehouse South Elevation View + Plan View + Door Elevation View + Door Section View + East Elevation View + Longitudinal Section View Drawings Rochester Minnesota 1917CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 199633 - 34
CGW Facilities Aerial Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1941Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil photo2 201514 - 15
CGW Flag Stop Photo Aiken Illinois No DateDon Vaughn photoSummer 199844
CGW Flange Marker InformationCharles VaughnSpring 19892
CGW Flanger #W-1380 Photo Randolph Minnesota 1962Photographer Unknown / Courtesy Joe Piersen / Fred Klinger3 200576
CGW Flanger Sign Dimensional Drawing w/ Details No DateCGW document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 200155
CGW Flanger Sign Photo Taopi Minnesota 1962Walt Dunlap photoSpring 200155
CGW Flat Car #1 Dimension Specification DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200147
CGW Flat Car #1 Dimensional Details and Paint Specification DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200148
CGW Flat Car #1 EMD Conceptual DrawingEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200148
CGW Flat Car #1 Specifications SheetEMD Drawing / CNWHS collectionSummer 200147
CGW Flat Car #1 w/ Boom Load Photo Clinton Iowa 1995Joe Piersen collectionSummer 200148
CGW Flatcars Loaded w/ Clay Set Out at Factory "M" of Red Wing Union Stoneware Company Factory Red Wing Minnesota No DatePhil Revoir Historical collectionWinter 199259
CGW Flooded Right of Way Photo Des Moines Iowa 1930'sDon Vaughn collection1 200937
CGW Freight Car Roster Joe Piersen compilerFall 198933

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