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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Falcon Service TOFC / COFC Success StoryRailway Age Gazette 31 October 1977April 19785 - 10
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6399 Photo Leading 'Falcon' Train #245 Kedzie Tower Chicago 1978No CitationApril 1978Front Cover
Changes in the Chicago & North Western in Recent Years Editorial 1978Michael W. BlaszakApril 19781
CNWHS Contributing Members List April 1978CNWHS StaffApril 19781
CNW Passenger Car Color Scheme Change 1938Jay ScirbbinsApril 19782
CNW Passenger Car "Lake Forest" Becomes Maintenance of Way Car #301019William EleyApril 19782
Spooner . . . in Early September 1978Clem DevineApril 19782
CNW Roster of Locomotives Which Could Be Multi-Unit'ed' with Locomotive BLW DR6-2-1000 #5000-A 1978M. T. HovdetApril 19782
CNW Locomotive BLW DR6-2-1000 #5000-A Additional Data 1978Charles Stats / Oakman MullenApril 19782
2-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper Article Additional Information 1978Holman F. BradenApril 19782
CNW Locomotives Alco C-628 Placed as 2nd or 3rd Units in a Locomotive Lash-up 1978Max MarmonApril 19782
CNW Locomotives Class J 2-8-2 MIkados Converted to Class J-AM. P. McMahonApril 197828
Iron Ore Movements [from the MIssabe Iron Ore Range] Provide Extra Revenues for CNW 1978Extra 2200 SouthApril 19783
CNW 8 Surplus Locomotives EMD F7A'z Placed in 'Viking 400' Service 1978Michael W. BlaszakApril 19783
Bessemer & Lake Erie RR Locomotive EMD SD9 #834 Photo Proviso Illinois 1978Michael W. Blaszak photoApril 19783

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