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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Manufacturers' Junction Railway [C&NW] Caboose Way Car #101 [#10688] Information 1978Fred KlingerJuly 19782 - 28
Manufacturers' Junction RY [C&NW] Caboose Way Car #101 [#10688] Photo Cicero Illinois 1978Robert A. Janz photoJuly 197828
CNW Locomotive Shortage Normalized 1978Kevin PennerJuly 19783 - 5
CNW Roster of Retired Locomotives 1978Rob ConwayJuly 19784
CNW Roster of Alco Locomotives Remaing in Service 1978Max MarmonJuly 19784
CNW Roster of Locomotives Rebuilt & Renumbered 1978Max MarmonJuly 19784
CNW Issues Job Abolishment Notices for Wyeville & Clyman Towers 1978Len BeardJuly 19785
CNW Considering Closing St Francis Tower 1978Len BeardJuly 19785
US DOT Studies Establishment of Chicago to Milwaukee Passenger Service 1978Charles R. WickmanJuly 197832
CNW Records Net Income of $16.157 Million for 1977C&NW NewsJuly 197832
CNW Right of Way Plainview to Plainview Junction Minnesota to be Upgraded by Rail Service Improvement Program 1978C&NW NewsJuly 197832
CNW Acquires Mercedes-Benz Unimog Vehicle w/ Rotary Snow Plow 1978C&NW NewsJuly 197832
CNW Moves Coiled Steel on Viking '400' 1978C&NW NewsJuly 197832
CNW Acquired 100 Used Hopper Cars from Detroit Toledo & Ironton RR 1978C&NW NewsJuly 197832
CNW Caboose Way Car #11034 Travels to Northern California via Western Pacific RR 1978Paul BergenJuly 197832

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