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CNW Passenger Train Crossing Long Pine Trestle 1950William W. Kratville photoWinter 199143
CNW Train #13 Photo Kilgore Nebraska 1952William W. Kratville photoWinter 199143
CNW Locomotive Maintenance Facility Long Pine Nebraska 1950William W. Kratville photoWinter 199144
CGW Depot Photo Oelwein Iowa No DateWilliam Toepper photo / Don Vaughn collectionFall 199860 - 61
CNW Two - Letter Telegraphic Code for Chicago and Clinton IowaWilliam Stoppel / Al VanderpoelWinter 19885
CNW Locomotive Number Plate InformationWilliam Smith Larry BohnSpring 200410-11
CNW Train #13 Photo Westbound Cedar Rapids Iowa 1952William S.Kuba photoWinter 199030
CNW Train #14 Photo Eastbound Cedar Rapids Iowa 1958William S.Kuba photoWinter 199031
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #4087A Photo at Beverly Tower Cedar Rapids Iowa 1959William S.Kuba photoWinter 199035
CMStP&P [ Milwaukee Road ] Gas Electric Motor Car #5937 Front Quarter Photo Cedar Rapids Iowa 1962William S.Kuba photoWinter 199035
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #4062C Photo Approaching Beverly Yard Cedar Rapids Iowa1954William S.Kuba photoWinter 199036
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1725 Front Quarter Photo Cedar Rapids Iowa 1963William S.Kuba photoWinter 199036
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #4502 Photo Leading Freight Train Albion Iowa 1972William S. Kuba photoWinter 199473
CNW Locomotive EMD FPA & B #4051A & 5041B Photo Leading Class E-4 4-6-4 Hudson #4005 & Passenger Train LaFox Illinois 1948William S. Kuba photoFall 199425
CNW Locomotive EMD GP30 #820 Photo Leading Freight Train Across Mississippi River Bridge Clinton Iowa 1966William S. Kuba photoSpring 19933

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