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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Modeling the CGW EMD NW2 & TR2 Switchers in HO ScaleBill Landis Kitbashing Athearn NW2 LocomotiveSummer 198732 - 34
CK TowerBill Lenzen / Ivan Ver Gowe / CNWHS StaffSpring 199618 - 21
CNW CK Tower Photos Winona Minnesota 1975Bill Lenzen photoSpring 199618
CNW Locomotive EMD F7B #490 Continues Service as Last F-Unit in Serivce 1992Bill MaltbyWinter 19929
CNW Car Checker Responsibilities Chicago 1930'sBill McAndrews / Joe PiersenSpring 200410
METRA Acquires 6 ex-CNW Bi-Level Commuter Cars 2014Bill Molony / North Western News3 201410
CStPM&O Sioux Falls South Dakota Turntable moved to Prairie Village Madison South Dakota 2000Bill NolanSpring 200012
California Zepher CZ Dome Observation Car Silver Solarium at Brookings South Dakota 1991Bill NolanFall 199119
DM&E RR Locomotive EMD SD9 #6610 [ex-CNW] @ Brookings South Dakota 1991Bill NolanFall 199119
CNW Depot Photo Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin No DateBill O'Gara phooOctober 198029
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6703 Photo Bark River Michigan 1985Bill Peterson photoSummer 200252
CNW Locomotive Class H-1 4-8-4 Northern #3025 Photo w/ Freight Train Clinton Iowa 1941Bill Raia collectionWinter 199896
CNW Cut Stone Bridge Abutments Lake Shore Division InformationBill Stadtler / Gerald PitzenSpring 19885
CNW - METRA Coach Number Identification 2004Bill Thompson / Kory VarilekSummer 20046
WC Unspiking Ceremony Fond du Lac Wisconsin 2000Bill Thorkildsen / Richard DraxlerSpring 200013

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