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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Locomotive Class L-3 2-8-2 Mikado Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1947Carl Hehl photoSpring 198724
CGW Locomotive Class T-1 2-10-4 #863 Texas w/ Auxiliary Tender Photo Council Bluffs Iowa No DateDonald E. Vaughn collection4 200717
CGW Locomotive Class T-1 2-10-4 Class Texas #863 w/ Auxiliary Tender Photo Oelwein Iowa 1949Donald E. Vaughn collection4 200719
CGW Locomotive Class T-1 2-10-4 Texas #855 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1940'sKen Zurn Photo2 201645
CGW Locomotive Class T-2 4-8-4 Northern # 865 Photo w/ Freight Train Lombard Illinois 1940Harold K. Vollrath collectionSummer 198931
CGW Locomotive Class T-3 2-10-4 Texas # 879 Photo w/ Freight Train Bellwood Illinois 1941David J. Fiore photoFall 198723
CGW Locomotive Class-E 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #509 Photo Rochester Minnesota 1948Ken Zurn photo1 200655
CGW Locomotive Class-F 2-6-2 Prairie #289 Photo Builder Photo 1902-1903Lee Anderson collection1 200655
CGW Locomotive Class-F 2-6-2 Prairie #292 Photo Winona Minnesota 1946Ken Zurn photo1 200655
CGW Locomotive Class-L 2-8-2 Mikado #716 Photo Builder 1916Lee Anderson collection1 200658
CGW Locomotive Class-L 2-8-2 MIkado #753 Photo St Paul Minnesota No DateWalt Dunlap photo1 200658
CGW Locomotive Class-T1 2-10-4 Texas #881 Photo Gretna Illinois 1943Bob Nicholls photo / Jim Rueber collection1 200659
CGW Locomotive Class-T2 2-10-4 Texas #878 Photo Galena Junction Illinois 1942Ken Zurn photo1 200659
CGW Locomotive Completion Notice for 12 EMD SD 40's 1966CNWHS ArchivesSummer 200328
CGW Locomotive Dunkirk 4-6-2 Pacific #653 Photo Leading Passenger Train @ Coaling Tower DeKalb Illinois 1954F. R. Ritzman collection / Charles H. Stats collectionSpring 199248

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