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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive #1465 Boiler Explosion InformationBoab Guhr / James BurtWinter 199610
CNW Interchanges Double Stack Trains w/ CONRAIL in Chicago 1988BobSpring 198910
CNW Locomotive Alco RS-2 Paint SchemeBob AndersonSummer 200214
Duluth - Superior Area Railroad Map 2001Bob Anderson / Kevin EuDalyWinter 200132
A Twin Ports PictorialBob Anderson / Kevin EuDaly / Joseph FollmarWinter 200148 - 61
CNW Locomotive [ex-CGW #404] EMD SD 40 #924 Photo Duluth Minnesota 1979Bob Anderson photoSummer 200334 - 35
CNW Locomotive Alco S-1 #1254 w/ Freight Train Photo Green Bay Wisconsin 1971Bob Anderson photoWinter 200323
CNW Locomotive Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 #1606 w/ Passenger Train Green Bay Wisconsin 1969Bob Anderson photoWinter 200323
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6718 Photo Bark River Michigan 1986Bob Anderson photoSummer 200240
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6706 Photo Iron Mountain Michigan 1975Bob Anderson photoSummer 200248
CStPM&O Locomotive EMD GP7 #1625 Passing Soo Line Depot Superior Wisconsin 1977Bob Anderson photoWinter 200130
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6820 Photo Boyleston Wisconsin 1982Bob Anderson photoWinter 200130
CNW Locomotive EMD SD50 #7002 Photo Boyleston Wisconsin No DateBob Anderson photoWinter 200131
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6850 Photo @ Ambridge Wisconsin 1993Bob Anderson photoWinter 200136
CNW Locomotive EMD SD60 #8008 Photo Tomco Wisconsin 1990Bob Anderson photoWinter 200139

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