All photos by Jim Sands

Around Marshalltown-The Shops- Rare Motive Power-Other Locations


NEW!- Just northwest of Marshalltown, an MoW extra works in Albion, IA.  The UP has downgraded this line's amount of traffic quite a bit today.

NEW!  After the 1960's, the Great Western trackage became redundant.  CNW 4540's obstacle shown here on the Chicago Great Western main line is a sign of the times.

NEW!  An overhead view of the south side of the yard, with a nice lashup of F units approaching from the west.  It was 1979, and I probably wasn't quite born yet...

NEW!- A bright green and yellow CNW TOFC load graces the rails at Marshalltown

NEW!- A CNW caboose provides the load for a CNW flat car in Marshalltown.  I have an Athearn model that looks just like this...

NEW!- A lashup of F units idle under the sand towers from across the yard.

NEW!- From an overpass, a view of the sand towers with a Precision National high-nose GeeP is seen.  The shops are at the extreme left.

NEW!-Another view of CNW F units, this time looking the opposite way across the yard.

NEW!  In 1978, the caboose clicks away from the photographer on a westbound train.

-An all-CNW MoW train sat in the Marshalltown yard across from the depot.

-This very low-numbered boxcar displaying the "Route of the Streamliners" could be seen in Marshalltown yard in 1979.

-A look at the old M&StL crossover that used to lead to Oskaloosa to the south and Mason City to the north. Both CGW and MstL crossovers were on the west end of town.

-Things don't always go as planned...This CNW switcher looks like it has been broadsided by a boxcar. This 1978 derailment was caught by Jim Sands as well.

-From the west end of Marshalltown, three of CNW's distinct GP35's pass by the old semaphore signal. Note the "torpedo tubes" on the top of the engine, the result of CNW enlarging the fuel tanks on most of these units.

-A view of the RIP track and engine tracks in 1966. Just look at all the fallen flag box cars and high-nose GeePs. Note the feather on the hood of the front unit...

-A great view looking east reveals many changes at Marshalltown since 1969. CNW 964 approaches on the left, while a CNW F unit waits its turn in the background.


NEW!- The inside of the CNW Marshalltown shops shows an SD 9 or 18 in the right stall, and is that a semaphore lens lying on the ground?

NEW!-Outside the shops, a 1500 series GP9 idles next to CNW 967

NEW!-Several F units and an SD9 await their turn in the Marshalltown shops.  Year unknown.

NEW!  A very red and white CNW 4447 waits outside the shops building in 1980.

-Jim Sands captured these Alcos and original GeeP's inside the shops around 1966.

-A look around the shops area around 1968. My how things have changed...

-Another great look at the shops. Marshalltown, 1968

-A couple years earlier, Shops in 1966.

-The service tracks as they appeared in 1980. Note the F unit with the Milwaukee Road F45 Compare this activity to the Union Pacific photos on recent updates.

Just outside the shops idled CNW #92. Jim's favorite feature on this type of unit is its bell on the front nose.


NEW! An original CNW SD40 without dynamic brakes roars through Marshalltown.  Jim photographed #884 in 1969.

NEW! A dirty SD45, CNW 909, rests at Marshalltown.  1969 photo.

NEW! An equally dirty 'original' SD40 #896 passes through in 1969.  None of these units would make it to the UP merger.

NEW!- F units once ruled the rails at Marshalltown.  Here is a head-end shot of one of CNW's covered wagons.

NEW!- E unit number 5002 from the front.  From Jim Sand's collection.

NEW!- CNW 954 can still be found at Marshalltown in the year 2002.  This view, however, shows it in better days, when it moved, could be found on the front of a train, and... oh, ya, it has a prime mover in this view as well.

NEW- More SD45's! Here is #905 just east of Marshalltown leading a manifest.

NEW!- In 1997, CNW 4203 could be found in the Marshalltown deadline. 

NEW!-CNW 950 was still going strong in 1980.  This unit would also find its way to the deadline in Mtown after the UP merger in 1995.

NEW!-At West Marshalltown, Jim photographed CNW 967 leading a pair of SD45s

NEW!  One of the CNW GP9's that outlasted the UP merger could be found in Mtown yard.  In 1997, Jim photographed 'safety yellow' GP9 #4559 working Short Line Yard.

NEW!  After UP's SD40-2 rebuild program, very few remained on the system in CNW colors.  CNW 6873, seen here in 1980, was one of those selected not to be rebuilt or repainted.  It was retired by the year 2000.

NEW!  F-units in the eighties!  F7 #215 sits with a low-numbered GeeP still in the 'stripe' scheme.

NEW!  A back 3/4 shot of SD45 #969 in 1969.  Nice auto rack to the right of the unit.

NEW!  CNW 941, another SD45, leads a train through Marshalltown in 1969.

NEW!  An interesting lashup in the deadline shows a Great Western F unit, a CGW switcher,  and  CNW 210, which appears to be an Alco(?). 

NEW!  CNW 943 leads an eastbound lashup of two SD45's past the signals at Marshalltown.

NEW!  This high-nose GeeP has been repainted in a more modern scheme, but retains its 1600 series number.  1969 Marshalltown.

NEW!  In 1979, an F-7 (# 213) was on the point with a GeeP in Marshalltown.

NEW! At the former CGW junction, CNW 843 (A GP35) rounds the corner.  Note the white class lights.

-Here is some power we haven't seen for awhile. This CNW Baldwin was sitting on the yard tracks in 1969.

-Look at the shape of the mainline in 1977!  This original SD45 negotiates a terribly maintained east-west main east of Marshalltown at Quarry, IA.

-More classic CNW power sits out by the shops. This old GP9 in its original number waited for its turn in the shops. Sands caught this one in 1969.

Another old GeeP idles outside the shops building. Note the CGW F unit to the right.

This covered wagon rusts away at the notorious Marshalltown deadline after many years of service. Most likely, the units would be traded in.

-Travelling road power courtesy of Conrail arrive at Marshalltown in 1980. These SD40-2's are merely passing through, as opposed to previous reports.

-Some brand new Kansas City Southern switchers were en route through Marshalltown Yard in 1968.

-Also passing through...Rock Island motive power joined the party at Marshalltown. Jim Sands photo, date unknown.

-In 1976, the CNW acquired GP7's from the QNS&L. This unit has been "patched" by the CNW.

-Northwestern management was a big fan of GP7s. Here is one picked up from the Union Pacific. CNW 4392 spent the first part of her career as UP 292, but found herself in Marshalltown by the '70's.


NEW!  AMES-CNW 6820 and three others lead what appears to be a local (by the position of the caboose?) past the depot at Ames.  Is that the lead track to the Des Moines main at right?

NEW! BOONE- The old FDDM&S depot in downtown Boone.  There aren't enough photos of this station published!

NEW! BOONE- A shot of the coaling tower in Boone during much better days on the railroad.  Jim Sand's collection.

NEW!  BOONE- Even in 1968, the roundhouse at Boone was looking pretty overgrown and forgotten. 

NEW!  NEVADA-The CNW depot at Nevada, IA was looking a little rough in the year 1978.

NEW!  OELWEIN-QNSL 110 is patched and ready to be renumbered to CNW 4356 at Oelwein, IA.

NEW!  OELWEIN-Fresh paint glistens off of CNW 4356 as it sits under the sand towers at Oelwein.

NEW!  OELWEIN-A group of CNW GeePs gather around the sand towers at Oelwein in 1978.