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CNWHS Modeler Vol 11-1

CNWHS June 2 swap meet

Modelers Corner

NWLines 2019 #2

Search Guide

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Single Keyword Search
The most simple and fastest search you can perform is a single keyword search. This will search the database for any caption containing that keyword. This search is not case sensitive and having AND or OR selected will not affect the search.

The single keyword search will usually return a large number of results, but is a good starting point. The results can be further refined using boolean searches.

Multiple Keyword Search
This search will produce more refined results but will take longer than a simple search. The more keywords you use the longer the search will take. The radio buttons below the search box will allow you to use boolean search terms to further refine your results.

Boolean Search Modifiers
With AND selected, the search will only return the results that include all keywords. For example, if you search for the keywords Lake and Side with the AND radio button selected all results returned will include the words Lake and Side in no specific order. This type of search will return the fewest number of results.

With OR selected, the search will return the results that include any of the keywords. For example, a search for the keywords Lake and Side with the OR radio button selected will return a list of results that include either Lake or Side or some combination of each. This type of search will return the greatest number of results.

Other Tips
Some entries were made using special characters such as -'s and #'s, others were not. When searching for something like GP-9, looking for GP9 may also be a good idea.

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