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Advertisement 1954777 viewsAdvertisement from the September 26, 1954 time table. The Challenger left Chicago at 9:00 AM, for a one-night-out schedule, arriving in Los Angeles at 10:30 PM the next day.
Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Advertisement Bi-Level "400's"728 viewsExtolling the virtues of the new Bi-Level trains, this ad was published as a stand-alone brochure, and was also featured in the October 26, 1958 Passenger time table. (shown here)

Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Advertisement circa 1945702 viewsThis ad represents two of the panels on the reverse of the 1945 fold-out map of the United States. Other panels feature various vacation locations on the C&NW and connecting lines. Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Advertisement circa 1957831 viewsSeveral C&NW Streamliners were featured in this 1957 ad from the June 17 time table.
Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Advertisement circa 1949997 views"You'll Enjoy California this Winter." Advertisement featured in the January 16, 1949 time table. Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Advertisement for Black Hills, South Dakota 225 viewsAdvertisement in Tour Guide for the Black Hills, South Dakota - 1934. From the collection of Nick Jenkins.
Amusement Park ride579 viewsLittle Engine, Big Men. From the Magic Lantern Slide's, I copied in the 70's. No date or location noted but there is no doubt about what railroad is favored. Collection of Nick Jenkins
Booklet737 viewsPicturesque Milwaukee And Its Nearby Fishing, Hunting And Summer Resorts. North-Western Series No. 9 booklet printed in 1900. Descriptions of cities between Chicago and Milwaukee. Photos of Milwaukee. Descriptions of towns and resorts north of Milwaukee. Collection of Mike Patrick.
Brochure758 viewsChallenger Brochure Circa 1938
Submitted by J. H. Yanke

Brochure750 views400 Brochure Circa 1935
Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Brochure897 views400 Brochure Circa 1939
Submitted by J. H. Yanke

Brochure815 viewsFlambeau 400 Brochure 1953
Submitted by J. H. Yanke
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