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AC4400CW 8801 Boone, IA1375 viewsAC4400CW 8801 with mismatched numberboards at Boone, IA in April, 2002.
AC4400CW 8809 Des Moines, IA984 viewsAC4400CW 8809 at Des Moines, IA in June, 2002.
CNW 8820 West Chicago 100103.jpg
AC4400CW 8820 West Chicago, IL1546 viewsCNW 8820 was found resting on the EJE's interchange siding at West Chicago. It helped pull coal to the generating plant near Joliet, IL. Photo taken October 1, 2003 by Jerry Krug
AC4400CW UP 6718 Sioux City, IA664 viewsFormer C&NW 8816 leads a U.P. freight northbound out of Sioux City,Iowa on the joint CN/UP ( I.C./CStPM&O ) tracks 05/30/10. A partially obliterated "North Western" herald is still visible on the front. Photo by Patrick Cunningham.
AC4400CW UP 6737 Green Bay WI434 viewsUP 6737 (ex-C&NW AC4400CW 8835) sits idle with two other Union Pacific locomotives at the east end of the former C&NW (now CN) North Yard in Green Bay, WI. Photo taken by Matt Bourke 6/29/13.
AC4400CW UP6713 Woodridge, MO.1073 viewsA ex C&NW #8811, AC4400CW renumbered into the UP system, but still wearing the old colors. Photo taken at Woodridge MO. May1, 05 by Don Vaughn
Ballast Hopper CNW 791044 Fulton, IL748 viewsThe CNW ballast car still in paint from its last days on the C&NW. Photo taken in Fulton, IL 11/30/2007 by Ron Christensen
C42-8 8572 East Los Angeles, CA1038 viewsA front view of CNW 8572, just off the KAPLA 24 at Union Pacificís East Los Angeles Yard. Kevin Schiller photo, 11-29-2004.

C42-8 8572 East Los Angeles, CA1381 viewsCNW 8572 was the third unit on the KAPLA 24. Train died at CP7 (MP7) Montebello and I yarded the train and took the power to Oak St. This is the entrance to the Roundhouse. Kevin Schiller photo, 11-29-2004.

CNW 8646 Pilgrim Road.jpg
C44-9 8646 Menomonee Falls, WI822 viewsC44-9 CNW 8646 leads MBUVP westbound just west of Butler, WI. Photo from the Pilgrim Road overpass by Jerry Krug on 7/10/07.
CNW 8646 WB near Clyman 013107.jpg
C44-9 8646 Clyman Junction, WI1073 viewsCNW 8646 led MPRVP out of Butler, WI on 1/31/07. Here it crosses over a bridge just east of the east end of Clyman Junction siding on the Adams line. Jerry Krug photo.
Trio 121105 Butler.jpg
C44-9 8701 Butler, WI1597 viewsThe final trio of CNW engines were parked at the fuel rack at Butler (Milwaukee) on snowy, cloudy December 11, 2005. Assigned to MPRVP, they departed after dark. Photo by Jerry Krug.
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