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C44-9W 8603 Boone, IA1083 viewsC44-9W 8603 at Boone, IA. Jordan photo, February, 2002
CNW 8624 Yard Center 122403 no herald smaller.jpg
C44-9W 8624 Yard Center, IL1427 viewsOn Christmas Eve 2003, #8624 was resting at Yard Center (ex-MoPac) in Chicago. Note the missing cab herald. Taken 12/24/03 by Jerry Krug
C44-9W 8646 Clyman Jct. WI1287 viewsThe final trio of CNW engines pulled MPRVP under the coaling tower at Clyman Jct., WI at dusk on October 27, 2005. Jerry Krug photo.
C44-9W 8646 Clyman WI1103 viewsThe "foamer special," MPRPV, heads west only a few minutes before sunset with the 8646, 8575 and the 8701. Photo by Chris Keating, October 27, 2005.
CNW 8646 Comanche 121805~0.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Comanche, IA1003 viewsCNW 8646 leads eastbound MCBPR at Comanche (west of Clinton) on December 18, 2005. Photo by Jerry Krug.
CNW trio Creston hill 011806.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Creston, IL1035 viewsCNW 8646 leads MCBPR up Creston Hill on January 18, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug
CNW 8646 Dekalb 011806~0.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Dekalb, IL1159 viewsCNW 8646 led MCBPR eastbound through the coal tower at Dekalb, IL on January 18, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug.
Trio EB Elburn overpass 011806.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Elburn, IL1290 viewsOn their last trip into Chicago, the final trio of CNW engines was caught EB just west of Elburn, IL pulling MCBPR. Photo taken from the Highway 38 overpass on January 18, 2006 by Jerry Krug.
CNW 8646 WB Rochelle 011606~0.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Rochelle, IL1085 viewsThe UP sent out the final trio of CNW engines on partly sunny January 16, 2006 on MPRCB, with 8646 leading through the final signals westbound past the diamonds. Photo by Jerry Krug.
CNW trio Dement bridge 011506.jpg
C44-9W 8646 Rochelle, IL1040 viewsThe final trio of CNW engines, westbound at Dement Road on MPRCB, waits for eastbounds from Global III to cross over at the Dement control point east of Rochelle IL on January 16, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug.
CNW 8681 8646 Wheaton 040905.jpg
C44-9W 8681 8646 Wheaton, IL1148 viewsBy 2005, It's a very rare sight to find two clean units, CNW 8681 (left) and 8646, together on the same train. This pair trailed on a stack train headed to Global 2 on April 9, 2005. These two units and CNW 8701 provided the power on a westbound stacker on April 14, 2005. Photo by Jerry Krug.
CNW_Trio_Butler_100_1551 2.jpg
C44-9W 8701 Butler, WI775 viewsThe morning of October 27, 2005 found the final trio of C&NW engines (8701, 8575, 8646) at the Butler diesel shop. CNW 8701 ended up being the trailing unit on MPRVP which departed around 1400 that day. Jerry Krug photo.
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