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GP38-2 405 Eldora1193 viewsThese 3 CNW locos have been patched on March 2002. The photo was taken South of Eldora on ex M&StL track.
NREX 3885 ex CNW 4617 Freeport 072604.jpg
GP38-2 NREX 3885 Freeport ,IL1210 viewsIn 2004, NREX purchased 12 GP38-2 engines that had been stored in Oelwein since coming off lease in 2000. Ex-CNW 4617 is shown patched to NREX 3885. It was caught in transit on the CN (ex-IC) at Freeport, IL on July 26, 2004 en route to the Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad. Photo by Jerry Krug
NREX 4622 Dixmoor 112004.jpg
GP38-2 NREX 4622 Dixmor, IL1293 viewsA forelorn and lonely sight to find ex-CNW 4622 stripped of decals, numberboards, and dignity in storage at the NRE shop at Dixmoor, IL. Photo taken November 20, 2004 by Jerry Krug
CNW 4120 Seward IL 122704.jpg
GP7 4120 Seward, IL1364 viewsAfter the UP closed the Marshalltown diesel shops, Transglobal rented the facility for a short time to repair and overhaul locomotives. GP7 #4120 entered the shop with a conventional high hood and emerged with a chopped hood. Now this engine earns its pay at the grain elevator at Seward, IL. Photo taken Dec. 27, 2004 by Jerry Krug
GP7 4153 Fremont, NE909 viewsFormer CNW GP-7#4153 spotting Grain Cars for Debruce Grain Elevator in Fremont, NE. Notice the trackage in front of the picture that leads to the old turntable which still stands. However, only the concrete pad remains of the CNW roundhouse. Photo Jay Anderson, August 2005
GP7 4162 Silver Creek, NE1356 viewsEx-C&NW 4162 is now shuttling grain cars at Platte Valley Farmers elevator terminal in Silver Creek, NE along Hwy 30 west of Columbus. Number boards and decals gone she still is a sight for sore eyes. Jay Anderson photo 07/04/2005.
CNW 4190 long hood 101004 Templeton IA.jpg
GP7 4190 Templeton, IA1237 viewsA few GP7 engines have survived post-merger days in the yellow-and-green. #4190 is captive to a grain elevator in Templeton, IA on ex-Milwaukee Road track now owned by BNSF. Only minor changes have been made to the scheme, mostly in front. Photo by Jerry Krug on October 9, 2004.
CNW 4149.jpg
GP7 49 Nebkota Ex CNW 41491471 viewsWorking Grain Ops in Merriman, NE with ILSX lease EX BN SD-9. Jay Anderson photo (06/13/03)
CNW 4542 Albert City 031807.jpg
GP9 4542 Albert City, IA933 viewsFormer CNW 4542 continues to serve the large grain elevator at Albert City, IA. Photo taken on 3/18/07 by Jerry Krug.
CNW Gravel Hopper.jpg
Hopper NRI 25 Ex CNW 2 Bay Hopper978 viewsNow in service with Nebkota railway this hopper serves as gravel hopper between DM&E and Merriman, NE. Jay Anderson photo (06/13/03)
CNW 8564 KSHB 032003.jpg
Kate Shelley High Bridge west of Boone, IA1495 viewsThe C&NW allowed only one train at a time on the KSHB.  To allow two trains on the bridge simultaneously, the Union Pacific strengthened the bridge in 2002 by adding bracing, visible as gray strips contrasted to the dark tarnished original bracing.  CNW 8564 is the second unit in this shot taken March 16, 2003 by Jerry Krug.
NebKota Dinner Train Chadron, NE984 viewsNebKota Dinner Train, with GP7 #49, pulling out for the evening from Chadrons west yard bound for Bordeaux siding. June 2007
Jay Anderson photo.
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