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Boom Truck Operator Milwaukee, WI1333 viewsA Boom Truck Operator is picking up old ties from former siding between Mitchell Yard and Chase in Milwaukee, WI. Jim H. Yanke photo, 5-30-1986
Carman Welder Proviso, IL1042 viewsA welder at Proviso posed for photographer Jack Delano in 1943. Library of Congress photo.
Conductor - C&NW864 views1960 - E.P.Gunderson and wife, Zelda posing in front of a C&NW caboose.
Conductor - C&NW818 viewsMay 1969 - My wife's grandfather, E.P.Gunderson, Conductor on the C&NW "400" service out of Eau Claire, WI.
Crew Rerailing Engine Milwaukee, WI2662 viewsCombined efforts of the Mechanical Department with the 400 truck and the Engineering Department repairing the rail will bring the 4154 back on the rails. Photo taken at Water Street in Milwaukee by Jim H. Yanke, 6-30-1989.

Diesel Shop Butler, WI1064 viewsPhoto was taken for the retirement of Art Enders who was well respected in the Motive Power Department. We used the 4311 because of its history. It was the first GP7 built and Art was the person who had told me about that. In the step well is Riley Wilson. From left to right, D.Coleman, Bill Hansen, John Koranek, Dave Winters and on the nose, Jim Wallenburg. Photo taken in '79 or '80 by Dennis Coleman.
Diesel Shop Butler, WI 1385991 viewsAfter the Butler Railroad Days weekend in, I believe July 1982, FRA inspector Jack Swaggert found serious defects on the locomotive and tender. This photo shows the 1385 without the tender. It had a serious train- line (brake pipe) leaks and defects to brake rigging and the Engineer side driver rod. The Division Manager, Ron Kless , had asked for "volunteers" to work on it, I almost dislocated my elbow to do so. It was the only time I was able to work on steam locomotive. Photo by D.Coleman
Diesel Shop Butler, WI 1385834 viewsThe tender had a very serious side bearing defect. It was worked on by the car department employees. I do not know the names of the workers. The photo shows the rear truck out and repairs were in progress. The front truck had to be removed for the same repairs. Photo taken in July 1982 by D. Coleman
Diesel Shop Butler, WI R-1 1385961 viewsAfter repairs were completed FRA inspector Jack Swaggert had ordered that he had to inspect the repairs before locomotive could be released. Jack is the one on the far right of photo. All was well and the locomotive was released for service. Photo taken July 1982 by D.Coleman
Diesel Shop Council Bluffs, IA1075 viewsGroup photo of most of the employee's working at that time. On the 1st of July, C&NW announced that the shop would close and the work would be transferred to the Marshalltown, Iowa and Proviso, Illinois shops. This was a very good team and they set many safety and production records. Of note, the current director of the Proviso Diesel Shop, under the Union Pacific, is Don Thomas, top row, 3rd from the left. I am standing to his left. Photo by D.Coleman, July 1992.
Engine Crews Antigo, WI3076 viewsThe crew from Ashland is being relieved by the crew going to Green Bay on No. 216. Jim Scribbins photo, 8-21-1960. Submitted by J. H. Yanke

Engine Laborers At Lunch Clinton,IA1523 viewsDuring WWII, women worked on engines and in yard service. Here it is time for lunch at Clinton, IA in 1942. Library of Congress photo.
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