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E8 #5021-B678 viewsThe C&NW model started as a Broadway Limited model. It has a Life Like shell with reshaped nose contours, and windows.
Many details parts were added.
Jim Broughton model, second place in the diesel category at Huron, SD, meet in 2007.
IMG_0437 re-size.jpg
F-3A-B Lash-up in O Scale.880 viewsThe models are O scale. The A unit is a heavily bashed and modified Atlas F-9A. A P & D pilot, P & D cooling and dynamic brake fans, relocated port holes, chicken wire grills, and headlight re-sizing back-dated the Atlas F-9A to a mid-fifties F-3A. P & D offers an F-3-A kit. I did this extensive bash just to see if it could be done. The F-3B is stock P & D on Atlas F-9 trucks and chassis. Walthers decals. Construction article ran in Mainline Modeler several years ago. Models and photography by Tom Houle
IMG_0438 re-size.jpg
F-3A-B Lash-up O scale779 viewsModels and photography by Tom Houle
CNW 215 F5A model.jpg
F5 2151595 viewsCNW 215, a former CGW F5A, is seen moving at speed along the bluffs of southeastern Minnesota west of Minnesota City on the Winona Subdivision. Models and photo by Thomas Wencl
GP18 1776810 viewsP2K model. changed fans, fuel tank, etc; to more correct details for this engine whose prototype was built from traded in units. Photo by Al Erdmann
GP38-2 #4707601 viewsCharles Kuehn's CNW model of GP38-2 #4707. This is a Proto 2000 model, repainted with detail added.
GP7 #121 CGW586 viewsGregor Moe's CGW GP-7, repainted.
Third place at the Huron, SD. meet in 2007.
Locomotive display by Eric Salter549 viewsCNW 1305 is a MP15 extra details, weathered to match 1994 era.
CNW 4164, 4199, 4145 - GP7s extra details, painted, and weathered to match 1994. Winner of the Judges Award.
SP 8579 is a SD40M-2 with many details, the prototype was a CNW non dynamic SD45.
NREX 7009 is a SD50 A patched ex CNW
CGW 808 - GP30
CNW 814 A fantasy model of a F59PHI. The paint scheme won a Merit Award.
CNW MOW train - All cars have been detailed, painted, and weathered.
Model CstPMO S2 #92818 views1st place winner in the Diesel category at Duluth 2001. HO model by Steve Carlson
Model C&NW F7A #4011015 views2nd place winner in the Diesel catagory at Duluth 2001. HO model by Dave Casey
Model C&NW RS36 #405799 viewsFirst Place in Diesel models contest at the 2005 meet in Mason City, HO Model by Dennis Eggert.
Model C&NW SW8 #129857 views3rd place winner in the Diesel catagory at Duluth 2001. Model by Alf Modine
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