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Autorack with AMC autos244 viewsAutorack with AMC Gremlins & Hornets to represent Kenosha in 1974.
Accurail autorack and Fresh Cherries vehicles.
HO model by Steve Schwarz.
Box Car C&NW #161568351 viewsMark Carlson's hydraulic cushioned 50 foot box car built from a Walther's waffle side kit. The door is from a Robins Rail box car, the grabs and stirups were replaced. Cushioned coupler pockets were added. The decals were from a variety of sources.
Frist place freight cars at the 2007 Huron meet.
Box Car CStP&KC #11782295 viewsThe 1880 box car was completely sctarch built. The CStP&KC became the CGW. The car has Art Griffen decals.
The car was built by Ray Meyer.
Frist place freight cars at the 2007 Huron meet.
Bulk Head Flat CNW#48810 model335 views1st place in the "From an C&NWHS Publication", at the 2008 modeling contest. The bulk head flat was constructed by Kurt Kruse.
Cement Industry Cars565 viewsThird place in the open catagory, at the 2005 meet in Mason City.
HO model by Dennis Eggert.
CGW #42158 Box Car374 viewsThird place modeling contest at the 2005 meet in Mason City. HO Model by Ray Meyer.
CGW #7247 Covered Hopper522 viewsFirst Place in the modeling contest at the 2005 meet in Mason City.
HO Model by Jeff Eggert.
Covered Hopper787 viewsIntermountain 4750 cuft Pullman Standard covered hoppers painted in a pea green color with yellow lettering and a black herald with yellow “Employee Owned” lettering. These models are painted to match a series of 200 cars (Lot #9748) delivered in 1974 to Matrix Leasing for a long-term lease to the C&NW. The C&NW had specified that the cars were to be painted the dark green, that had been used on previous cars.
Depressed Center Flat Car658 views1 1/2" scale model of CNW 48013 depressed center flat car. The model is just over 5 feet long. It is painted Pentone 102C yellow using aircraft grade paint. The picture was taken at the Ridge Live Steamers track in Dundee, FL. Built and photographed by Tim Meyer, October 2003.
Flat Car #59637357 viewsRemoved cast on grab irons and replaced with Tichy units. Load form Ribbon , decals form Odd Ball and Micro Scale.
Model by Gregor Moe.
Second Place freight car at the 2007 Huron meet.
Flat Car M&StL #261561352 viewsModeled after a load seen in Chicago.
Modeled by Dougles Muller.
Third Place freight car at the 2007 Huron meet.
Gondola CNW 350701296 views1st place Freight Equipment category at the 2008 model contest. Model by Kurt Kruse.
CNW 350701 extended side gondola started as a Modeler's Choice kit with scratch built styrene extensions, grabs, brake platform, and
brake sets added.
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